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Discover our large portfolio of neurological accessories.

We give our best for you every day

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Behind GVB-geliMED is a family business that is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of accessories related to neurology.

But not only that, behind GVB there are many faces and personalities who give their best and demonstrate their skills every day to ensure the care of patients and to make the daily work of users easier.

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Cooperation based on a lasting and interactive partnership.

We respond quickly and flexibly to inquiries and orders, offer attentive service that promptly passes on all important information, and are available to provide advice and assistance, even when searching for products that are not part of our standard range or are not distributed by us.

We also stand for high-quality, carefully selected products with a balanced price-performance ratio.


Cooperation based on a lasting and interactive partnership.

We strive to understand the challenges of our customers and appreciated the importance of the work they do. We provide quality consumables and accessories for neuromonitoring and have a large range of stock items availaible for rapid delivery to the UK and Ireland.

Our products are developed with input by the professionals who them. The importance of suitability is paramount, backed by a highly trained service.


MultiCap canopy nets


Bridge electrodes

LSEPAXX_Laryngeal tube electrode - Armored_RGB-PhotoRoom

Laryngal electrodes

Safeprep 120-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom

SafePrep Skin preparation gel

Products that take you further

New product development and continuous improvement is an integral part of our business. We genuinely appreciate and respect our partners and patients. We believe this will enable GVB to become a well-known global presence in the medical field.

In cooperation with our partners, we carry out intensive and tireless research, to develop and produce high quality products. The experience of more than 20 years of production strengthens and characterizes our way of working.

The SPES MEDICA brand product range that we sell is produced in Italy, which helps to reduce our CO² footprint. We are fully committed and comply with regulations and quality standards for medical products. Our products are registered with CE, FDA, CFDA, Anvisa and many other international organizations which ensures a high standard is maintained.

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We give more than 100% every day for our customers and the patients


Customer service ist important to every individual person in our team. We empathize with the end users and the procurement process. We understand the importance of a reliable service. Our standards of working are high and we listen and respond to the needs of our customers.


We seek to understand the challenges of our customers and will respond quickly to changing requirements. Experience and adaptability allow us to find solutions both short and long term.


Team members are committed to our customers and to working together. We are a happy team who are proud of the work we do and enjoy working together.


With years of experience and expertise, the team have the knowledge and to deal with requirements throughout the supply chain and work quickly and effectively to optimize company performance. We have been recommended for ISO 9001 accreditation by BSI and are confident in our processes.

What Our Customer Says

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News and current events

A journey full of inspiration

We had the privilege of being invited to Italy to meet our esteemed colleagues from SPES Medica, our longstanding partner since 1996.

More space for growth and sustainability

A new warehouse for GVB with solar panels. We have recently opened a new warehouse. The new hall was built directly onto our previous one and offers us more space for...